Smart Storage Ideas

Use child safety locks

Make your home safe and keep children safe

Young children and especially toddlers are naturally curious about their surroundings and explore their home totally unaware of the potential dangers they could encounter. It is therefore indispensable to always store liquid laundry detergent capsules safely out of children’s reach. It only takes a few basic steps to prevent an accident. What you will need depends on the particular set-up of your home. If you cannot store the pack of liquid laundry detergent capsules in a high cupboard or on a high shelf, an easy way to prevent a child from getting hold of the product is to use a child safety lock.

Use a child safety lock

Child safety locks are special-purpose locks for cupboards, drawers, etc. that are designed to prevent children from getting their hands on anything that could be dangerous for them. They can be mounted on the doors of a cupboard or drawers. It will only take a trip to your local DIY or baby shop to find what you need at affordable prices.

These locking mechanisms exist in several forms, with different installation systems and fittings. You will need to choose what suits the furniture where you store your pack of liquid laundry detergent capsules.

For instance, you may choose between slide locks, safety strap lock, cabinet latches and magnetic locks:

  • Slide locks attach to the knobs or handles of a cupboard door. For an adult they are not difficult to handle, you only need to align the rod with the handles and slide the lock into place. The cupboard doors are secured but you can easily remove the lock and release them. Slide locks are designed in such a way that they won’t leave scratches on your furniture, and won’t harm children who may try to open them.
  • Safety strap locks are attached to the outer surface of cupboard or drawer doors. The strap needs to be fixed on both the fixed and moveable part of the furniture and prevents kids from opening drawers or doors. At the same time this lock is still easy for adults to open.
  • Safety latches prevent the cupboard door from being opened, without pinching fingers, which can be painful. They can be simply installed inside cupboards and drawers, and remain invisible unless the door is open. The system allows a limited opening for parents to lift the latch, while the integrated finger pinch guard prevents the door from slamming shut on fingers.
  • Magnetic locks are installed inside cupboards and are not visible from the outside. Some will need to be screwed securely on the inside while others don’t require any drilling. To release, you will need a magnetic key to unlock the door.

There is a wide range of child safety locks on the market. In order to choose the appropriate lock for your home, take expert advice from the sellers. They have ample experience and will help you select the right type of safety locks.

So remember, keep children safe at home, store your liquid laundry detergent capsules away from children, well out of their reach! Keep caps from kids!